Unit 6 2/17 – Jack Lyons

“I believe the intellectual life of the whole of western society is increasingly being split into two polar groups” (3)

This reminds me of the Sapere Aude trip where Dr. Robb introduced to us how Plato thought a philosopher should be educated into a philosopher-king! This was a liberal arts education!

How then, just like we asked on Sapere Aude, did the intellectual and academic climate become so compartmentalized and what role does a liberal arts education have in mending this rift? Can it be mended?

I recognized game theory, Oxygen theory of combustion, the theory of plate tectonics, special and general relativity, natural selection, and quantum theory. As for experiments, I recognized Eratosthenes measuring the Earth’s circumference, Gregor Mendels’ genetics experiments, Marie Curry’s experiments with radioactivity, Newton’s light experiment, the Pavlovian conditioning experiment, Young’s wave experiment, and Millikan’s electron experiments.

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