Unit 6 Post 1- McNeill Franklin

(!)- “There is a moral trap which comes through the insight into a man’s loneliness: it tempts one to sit back, complacent in one’s unique tragedy, and let others go without a meal.” page 7 This quote really stuck out to me because it helped me understand those who are depressed and feel like they have no one. Reading this aided me in understanding the struggles and worries of some of my friends who suffer from depression or feel as if they are lonely.

(?)- “That total incomprehension gives, much more, pervasiley than we realise, living it, an unscientific flavor to the whole “traditional” culture, and that unscientific flavor is often, much more than we admit, on the point of turning anti-scientific.” page 11 This quote confused me because I am not so sure what it is saying. Is it claiming that things we do not usually associate with science are more closely affiliated than we think? This is a section of the text I want to unpack and think more deeply about. Everything does a science to it, so what are some examples that we do not think about?? (art, dance, history, literature?)

theories I recognized: Quantum theory, Second Law of Thermodynamics, Evolution by Natural Selection, Plate Tectonic theory, the Mathematical Tripos theory, Einstein’s theory of Relativity, and Radioactivity.

Experiments I recognized: Pavlov’s classical conditioning andRobert Millikan’s oil drop experiment.

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