Unit 8, Assignment 1 – Emily Ezell

Shadows of the Summit Pointing West ! The German citizens’ perspective on the summits and conferences of world leaders following WWII greatly differs from the idealized history presented in history textbooks. ? How did the leaders/members of the summit respond to Meinhof’s writing?

Hitler Within You ! Students bear the responsibility to not let the past rest and to question older generations, placing an emphasis on transparency and confrontation. ? What information/influence from older generations pervade the lives of students today?

Human Dignity is Violable ! A single addition to the constitution had the powerful effect of reversing progress towards an idealized condition of pure democracy and the elimination of all possibilities of war. ? Do the two pillars (democracy and no war) still exist in the German constitution today? Are they as important today as they were in the 1960s

Women in the SDS: Acting on their own Behalf ! We can’t push for equal pay or equal work without first changing the distribution of wealth. ? How do the American and German wage gaps compare?

Columnism ! The columnist guards the originality and individuality of a newspaper, contributing to the profit and prestige of a paper. ? How has the role of the columnist versus the editor changed in today’s shift away from print to online media?

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum  ! The complicated web of relationships and connections in combination with constant distrust and betrayal made it difficult to determine which figures to side with.  ? What role does translation play in the subtitles of the movie? What does the viewer lose in only reading subtitles? 

The Baader-Meinhof Complex  ! The fast-paced, dramatic action of the movie makes the viewer constantly switch sides, and question why they should or shouldn’t support the terrorist group.  ? What differences exist between this movie and an American equivalent? What does German/European film use that American film does not, and vice versa? 

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