Fermin Muguruza – Berlin Ulrike Meinhof texts

Meinhof interview text

“I don’t see the street at all as any kind of proper means of making one’s opinions known. But if one has no other choice, when one is not on TV, one doesn’t have an hour or two a week at least to say exactly what one has to say. When one doesn’t have millions of copies of newspapers and magazines from the Springer press. Then, then when one wants to discuss publicly, and one runs into prohibitions for using spaces, prohibitions of assembly, then I find it indeed exceptionally democratic when there are people who, despite all these prohibitions, use the only public possibility to speak that they have, that is the street, and use that publicly.”

Fermin Muguruza song text

(original English from the vinyl album cover)

Everybody talks about the weather….
We don’t

I got a letter
From Berlin
proposing me a job as
a teacher – student
Of University
Ulrike Meinhof
Signed: Bambulee
A Molotov kiss

At the end of the world
the city was a cabaret
It happened once,
and it will happen again.
It was me, and it will be me
(Rosa Luxembourg
wrote it like this)

Andreas Baader
Gudrun Ensslin
Jan-Carl Raspe
Ulrike Meinhof
Fall asleep, fall asleep
Damned, damned
Sensible people from Europe
Will my scream wake you up?
You can’t wake up as
The graveyard’s inhabitants
Can’t wake up

A Molotov kiss,
with no goodbye
Ulrike Meinhof

website album blurb by Joan Pons (googletranslated from the Basque)

Creation usually starts from observation. Or else, from the imagination. But there are occasional rare – and fortunate – cases where both start up in creativity. And this is exactly what happened in the “B-Map 1917 + 100” project: Fermin looked at the reality of different cities around the world (Berlin, Bilbao, Belfast, Brazzaville, Buenos Aires, Beirut, Barcelona … Total ten cities, all starting with B) and has drawn a map of our worldly anger, anger and rebellion. Today and here. Today and there. Today and everywhere. The state of affairs. Another state of affairs. Now that we are located.

On the other hand, Fermin is not limited to emphasizing the realities that need to change; in the same way, it jumps without a protective net to the means of innovation of musical creation. And right now he has joined forces with ‘The Suicide of Western Culture’, a Barcelona couple that deals with the electronics of the collision. Clearly, he does not like to stay in Muguruza, because he is a priori willing to join musicians who are not the same rope (although they are really the same rope: all together and it is a time for fighting music) and to join in a creative workshop. Always ready to take risks. And to start looking for new sounds to create. Believing music to be a loaded weapon of the future … Because other music is possible. And another world too.

Joan Pons