final reflection assignment

For your reflection meetings with me you should prepare a brief letter to the faculty. Reread the body of the December reflective assignment guidelines to refresh your thinking about the rationale behind the ungrading process.

This time we’re interested in how your learning has changed throughout the course over the year. Tell us about synthesis and progress and connections.

Prepare your letter (Dear Professors… Remember to sign and date your letter.)

Write a single sentence as a response to each of these questions about your learning. No more than one page total.

  1. How have you made connections between and among the content of our units throughout the year?
  2. How has your writing changed throughout the year?
  3. How has your thinking about the historical contexts of the material in our units changed throughout the year?
  4. How has your understanding of your position as a reader (viewer, audience member, interlocutor, listener) of the stories in our course changed throughout the year?
  5. What aspects of the research paper process have taught you something that you didn’t know before?
  6. What grade do you assign yourself? (This response is not a sentence, just one letter.)

Put that one-page document in a DM to me in slack by the night before your meeting with me. That meeting schedule is here.

In our meeting we’ll discuss your learning as you describe it here.

Thank you.