“Black Girl: Linguistic Play” ! and ? – Andrew Denny

What does the work do?

! – The aspect of the dance that jumped out the most was how connected I felt to the story and emotions the dancers were feeling/portraying. When entering the performance hall I thought I would be impressed by the talent of the dancers but wouldn’t be able to relate to the subject material given the title. I was very wrong, the dancers throughout all the scenes expressed real feelings between friends, parents, and siblings. These feelings transcend race, gender, and sexuality. This allowed for everyone in the performance hall to emotionally connect to the performance. By appealing to this shared memory of childhood the dancers were able to break free of preconceived societal stereotypes of African American childhood and culture.

? – I am wondering would some of the meaning of the dance be lost if the dance was titled something else? The current title as Brown said enables people to enter the performance hall with preconceived ideas about what they are going to see. With a more revealing title would the themes/ feelings portrayed in the dance lose some of its meaning?

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