Isabel Nowak Wednesday 4/15 post

“Shadows of the Summit Pointing West” (1960)

!: Meinhof must have paid very close attention to current events.

?: Why does America have so much sway in international organizations?

“Hitler Within You” (1961)

!: Underlying structures of power are usually to blame. 

?: How has the shaping of history changed now that the internet allows people to access so much information?

“Human Dignity is Violable” (1962)

!: It’s weird how we only ever really hear of nuclear weapons when it comes to Russia and the U.S.

?: How would the US be different if our Constitution was as recent or malleable?

“Women in the SDS: Acting on Their Own Behalf” (1968)

!: I once read that the great thinkers of the Enlightenment and Renaissance wouldn’t have had time to accomplish what they did if women hadn’t been taking care of so many responsibilities.

?: How much of an impact does making a private matter public have?

“Columnism” (1968)

!: I’d never thought about the logic behind editorials.

?: Is the press ever truly “free?”

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum

!: I was surprised how someone was able to openly admit that they had been a Nazi.

?: At what point is journalism no longer considered free speech? 

Baader-Meinhof Komplex

!: It was interesting how divisive the RAF was to the German public despite being branded as terrorists.

?: Is violent protest ever effective?

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