Lauren Meyers- Requiem Translations

All members of my AT group preferred the Anderson translation over the Thomas translation. Published in 2004, the Anderson translation contains more modern language than Thomas’s 1976 version. I argue that it is also easier to identify the subject throughout most of Anderson’s piece. For example:

Anderson- The word fell, dropping like a stone

Thomas- Then fell the word of stone

I could not help but wonder which is more important in translation: conveying the message simply or preserving some of the feeling and language found in the original. It seems that Anderson believes the former and Thomas believes the latter. Thomas’s poem struck me as “more poetic,” which I thought was interesting. Perhaps it is because all of the poems that have been included in my past curriculum have more closely resembled the language in Thomas’s translation.

!: In Russia, poetry is respected because it gets people killed.

?: Has poetry ever gotten one killed in America?

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