Post 2/17 Rachel Gronberg

“Two Cultures” -Snow

!: “They are inclined to be impatient to see if something can be done: and inclines to think that it can be done, until it’s proven otherwise. That is their real optimism…” (p. 7) Snow describes scientists as optimistic because they believe discovery is possible until they have sufficient reason to believe otherwise… I think it is interesting that Snow uses the word “optimistic” to describe this thought process. I would sooner use the word “open” or even “thorough.”

?: Could this same logic of two-polarized groups not understanding each other be applied to virtually any conflict?

Theories I recognize:

oxygen theory of combustion, plate tectonics, special relativity, general relativity, quantum theory, evolution by natural selection, and heliocentrism

Experiments I recognize:

Gregor Medels’ genetics, Isaac Newton’s light experiment, Marie Curry’s radioactivity experiment, Ivan pavlov’s conditioning experiment, Millikan’s electron experiments, Young’s wave experiment

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