Rachael Devecka “CP Snow and More”

CP Snow

“If the scientists have the future in their bones, then the traditional culture responds by wishing the future did not exist. It is the traditional culture, to an extent remarkably little diminished by the emergence of the scientific one, which manages the western world.”

Page 11

!) I never thought of the divide between writers and scientists as one of traditional culture vs. the future. I’m not sure if I agree with the argument that Western society generally prefers traditional culture over science, but this distinction is useful.

“‘Didn’t the influence of all [that most of the famous twentieth-century writers] represent bring Auschwitz that much nearer?'”

Page 7

?) Is it fair to blame writers for spreading the ideologies that led to Auschwitz? How would Snow argue that point?

Scientific Experiments Recognized

  • Eratosthenes Measures the World
  • Gregor Mendel Cultivates Genetics
  • Isaac Newton Eyes Optics (thanks afternoon lecture!)
  • Marie Curie’s Work Matters
  • Ivan Pavlov Salivates at the Idea
  • Robert Millikan Gets a Charge

Scientific Theories Recognized

  • Game Theory
  • Plate Tectonics (not those specific guys though)
  • Special Relativity
  • General Relativity
  • Quantum Theory
  • Evolution by Natural Selection
  • Heliocentrism

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