Sadie Blackshear Unit 8 Assignment 1

The Baader-Meinhof Complex

!: I learned about Meinhof and the RAF in AP European History, but I didn’t remember that until the scene where they were being force fed raw eggs while on hunger strike.

?: The ending became very jumbled to me and I didn’t quite understand what happened. I think too many new characters were being introduced.

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum

!: The lingering threat of sexual violence for Katharina left me feeling very anxious.

?: I’m not sure that I understand this movie. I feel as though I should have read more about it before watching. The attacking of slander in the press and critiquing “freedom” of the press is apparent, but what was the BILD-Zeitung?

Ulrike Meinhof Readings

“Shadows of the Summit Pointing West” p101

!: Conservative policy in England in the 1960s involved arms reduction.

?: Meinhof keeps writing “since Camp David” but the only thing that comes to mind for me is the Camp David Accords, which took place under Jimmy Carter in the late 70s. What is she talking about?

“Hitler Within You” p138

!: “The only possible response to Anti-Semitism is the rejection of every kind of political terror that administrative powers can impose on those who think differently, those who believe differently, those who feel differently.” p141

?: What does she mean by (lack of) resistance against National Socialism–isn’t she in support of that? Why would she include “lack of”?

“Everybody Talks About the Weather” p184

!: The police’s use of force during the Shah’s visit made the student protestors realize that money and terror were tied between Germany & Iran (Germany protecting Iran’s terror to facilitate capital) and that “opposition…in the metropolitan centers… and the opposition in the Third World countries must work together.” p184

?: I don’t understand how the RAF facilitated travel between Germany and Iran for underground training, although this is an apparent tie with the movie.

“Women in the SDS: Acting on Their Own Behalf” p209

!: The men did not feel at fault or targeted in the tomato incident.

?: How did the women organize themselves after realizing that the SDS was of no use to them?

“From Protest to Resistance” p239

!: Meinhof took inspiration from the Black Power movement.

?: What draws the line between counter-violence and violence?

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