Tomás Quintero: Unit 8 Assignment 1

! & ? on Meinhof 

Hitler Within You

!: Students played integral roles, Meinhof uses their stubborn and angry attitudes to catalyze revolution and promote change. In doing so, they can question authority and doctrine enforced by their parent’s generation.

?: Do the “old-Nazi’s” old political ideas still hold sway in Germany? 

Human Dignity is Violable

!: The Emergency Laws are capable of cancelling out freedoms for the sake of defense! Governments are quick to cancel the freedoms of people to make way for militarization. 

?: Would it be possible to successfully demilitarize as a democracy without having other countries going in thinking that it was a power vacuum? One of the ways that one uses violence is to assert dominance over another––to take power from another. 

Vietnam and Germany

!: Germany was censoring people who opposed the Vietnam war while publishing anything that supported it.

?: Were there any other reasons as to why people supported the Vietnam War besides the ideology held behind it? That’s basically why the war started in the first place. 

Everybody Talks About the Weather

!: Any decision the government chooses to make is going to have consequences impacting people––be it in good ways or bad. 

?: Were there any benefits for the politicians for corroborating with the Shah other than to not suffer the consequences contained within the Shah’s threats?

Women in the SDS: Acting on Their Own Behalf

!: Due to the sexism within the movement and in society around it, the women involved in the movement did not receive the credit they were due. 

?: What were the goals of the movement? What were the people involved in the trying to accomplish from their actions?

! & ? on The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum

!: Terrorism was often used to create revolution. This stirred up fear among the civilians, making them wondering if they were next to be killed or imprisoned. I know that I would be terrified to be alive during that time. 

?: How highly (or lowly) were the journalists regarded of the time in terms of telling the truth? It was evident that they were seen to be making up information about Katharina Blum.

! & ? on Baader-Meinhof Komplex

!: Violence can be effectively used as an agent for enacting social and political change. The Red Army Faction, fighting the current governing system they perceive as fascist as a sign of resistance opposing the Vietnam War. 

?: In an attempt to create a more human society, the RAF used radically-fueled violence and inhuman means; in the process, they lose their own humanity. Are there cases in which violence and inhuman means are justified for a more human society? How far are we willing to go? And at what cost?

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