Tomás Quintero: Unit 8 Assignment 2

One of the main topics of discussion that we have come by in this class is the notion of reality concerning representation. Susan Sontag writes in Regarding the Pain of Others how photographs have the power in which they encapsulate a reality of the real world, arguing that every photograph has a message behind it. But does capturing a reality truly capture the world in its realness? Richter would have argued that a photograph is a representation of what happened, it captures a perspective of the moment as it happens, but that photograph is not capturing the moment in its complete form. However, with consistencies in reproductions of a moment, one can create a more complete understanding of what the reality was, this reminded me of the scene showing Richter’s press release, as well as the whole series on October 18, 1977. 

While I watched Never Look Away, I was talking to a friend, discussing reality in terms of proofs in science. In science the concept of reality is very complicated. It is possible to have an amount of consistent empirically-based evidence that can allow someone to support a claim, say gravity, with a degree of confidence, but it is impossible to scientifically prove that gravity exists since it would argue that a claim is absolutely true in all possible cases. As humans, it is impossible to measure or calculate every variable that occurs, many are outside the bounds of our understanding. Since there is a limit to which we can observe every element of a situation, there is room for a claim to be disproven––in which gravity could be considered false. As a result, theories follow a model that allows for experiments to be replicated; therefore, consistency in the data allows for people to be convinced and accept a claim as reality. The best theories are the ones that last the longest and cover the most ground without being disproved. In a way, a theory is better than a proof because it is capable of describing the world and humanity: dynamic and ever-changing, with consistencies and patterns wherever we go. Every reality is consistent.

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