Unit 5 post 1

  1. “There is a element of “chance” in the way we, as viewers of the portfolio included here, regard the documentation, as if Lemon does not want the viewer to think he has set out to preserve the events in substantive form, as “art,” from the beginning”-2
  2. This reminds of our discussion of the difference between dance and a video of dance. True beauty and emotion is often difficult to capture in 2D
  3. How can meaning best be conveyed to people who are a great distance from the statement being made?

“Hodge’s bloat is, in the often-ridiculed ‘popular’ arena of re-enactment, a kind of ruin – itself, in its performative repetition, a queer kind of evidence.”-103

Aside from being temporary this seems to evidence that what sets performance a part from archive is that it is alive.

Can anything be archived that is alive?

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