Unit 5 Post 1, Emily Evans


! Historical landmarks only have historical meaning if the viewer is aware of its past.

“Nearly 40 years later, it is just a bridge, a routine piece of infrastructure. Only the observer ‘knows’ of its history, and is there to mark it.” (page 19)

? How did Lemon choose which states to portray in his art when most states in the history of America have had racial violence of some sort?

“Minnesota, often seen as a progressive commonwealth free od racial strife, has its own brutal history: (page 21)


! Performance loses something every time it is taken on by a new performer.

“archivists Mary Edsall and Catherine Johnson descried the problems of preserving performance, declaring that the practices of ‘body to body transmission,’ such as dance and gesture, meant that ‘you lose a lot of history.’” (page 101)

? Why do we have to define ourselves by the work of our predecessors?

“we understand ourselves relative to the remains we accumulate,” (page 100)

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