Unit 6 Post 1 – Kade McCulloch

Camille A. Brown’s “Black Girl Linguistic Play” exemplifies a duality of themes relating to both the specific experiences of black women with oppression in addition to the universal reality of childhood. She does an exquisite job blending these  two components together in a manner that can relate to people universally. The most important thing I took away from the play is the significance of individuality and healing through open dialogue confronting adversity head on. This performance really solidified my understanding of the interconnections between dance and sociopolitical issues. At the end of the performance, I was left with one pressing question. We have a seemingly innate tendency to categorize different conceptual schemes in order to simplify our understanding of the world we live in. This can be very useful in some phases of life, however the impact is damaging when we categorize people based on their racial and cultural differences. My question is this: How can we escape the tendency to associate certain characteristics with large groups of people? This dance confronted this question head on and provided me with a warm sense of hope.

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