Unit 7 Post by Harrison Sparks

I prefer the requiem which includes the Header “Instead of a foreword”

I like how the text is spaced out to create pauses, I feel like this contributes to the dark mood of the poems and the imagery. It makes it more as if it is being said through breaths in the cold air it describes rather than the other version that seems to rhyme more clearly and has a bit more of a flow to it. This more prominent rhyming, and also less strategic spacing gives the poems more levity than they should have in my opinion. While I can agree that the rhyme schemes in this version help it flow more, and even make it sound more natural and probably more like the original in Russian, the spaced out and grim words which most often do not rhyme in the version I chose create the mood and meaning much better towards what they are portraying.

!: Reign of Terror poets really seemed to represent the mindset of the general populace

?: What works were lost as a result of persecution?

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