Unit 8 Assignment 1 by Skylar McVicar

“Shadows of the Summit Pointing West”(1960)

! Claiming that France is willing to use any means to achieve their ends is ironic coming from a German writer reflecting on German history.

? What is Khruschev’s intention with reducing the Soviet army by 1.2 million soldiers? What is Khruschev trying to prove before entering the Summit?

“Hitler Within You”(1961)

! This column emphasizes the need for bystanders to speak out for freedom wherever they see it threatened. This call to action is relevant across the globe today.

? How do German citizens reconcile with the fact that their ancestors were involved with the crimes of the Third Reich? How can current scholars use this history to find answers about the past?

“Everybody Talks About the Weather”(1969)

! The structure of capitalism creates a society in which women and children are dispensable and isolated.

? How are women and children treated under regimes other than capitalism?

“Women in the SDS: Acting on Their Own Behalf”(1968)

! Women need to take agency over their actions to strike against their male aggressors and make the tension between males and females clear and transparent.

? Is exposing women to their unknown subjugation the most important step toward eventual equality of the sexes? Without knowledge, action cannot occur.


! Writing for a column is a way to make profit and gain prestige while acting as a pressure release.

? Could writing for a column be dangerous if the content is unmonitored?

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum film

! Having freedom of the press could potentially do more harm to someone than good.

? What are current American examples of figures targeted by the media who may be innocent?

Baader-Meinhof Komplex film

! Sometimes radical events with good intentions can retrogress a society’s progress as shown when Germany moves towards a police state after the protests.

? How can a government provide equal rights to all citizens when some are using the freedoms granted by the government to try and overthrow it?

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