Unit 8 Assignment 1 – Jake Matthews

! & ? on Ulrike Meinhof

“New German Ghetto Show” (1960)

! – Interesting connection to McCarthyism!

? – Is modern social media a defense mechanism against the annulment of anonymity?

“Hitler Within You” (1961)

! – “Co-existence rather than war” must be response to National Socialism, rather than sandbox games; poignant!

? – Is restricting a government’s power to commit “political terror” truly the “only possible response to anti-Semitism?

“Human Dignity is Violable” (1962)

! – Nuclear armament is incompatible with democracy; too much strength becomes uncontrollable!

? – “Only democracy can guarantee human dignity,” is it really a guarantee? Or is it only a true democracy when it does?

“Women in the SDS: Acting on Their Own Behalf” (1968)

! – The paradox of the working woman feeling that she should not fight for equality, and the woman at home being unable to fight for equality; misery on both ends.

? – Could the problem be solved by dispelling the myths of productivity being based on sex? Or are those myths the excuse for a more ingrained greed?

“Columnism” (1968)

! – The “outrageousness” of the columnist is what gives them such influence!

? -Opportunistic for a paper to use a columnist to get profit; but isn’t that what powers the free press?

! & ? on The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum

! – This kind of foundationless slander is the antithesis of Freedom of the Press, as the Press only has meaning in journalistic integrity.

? – Is it possible to have private press that isn’t corrupt like this?

! & ? on Baader-Meinhof Komplex

! – Both sides see each other as violence personified; they’re more similar than they realize.

? – Is it justified to use violence and fear to bring about change? Or is that oppressive in its own way?

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