Unit 8, Assignment 1

! – German media played a large role in shaping the events of this revolution. Instead of merely relaying facts of the revolution, the media was driven largely by opinion pieces, as seen in Meinhof’s writings. However, there was no central truth to be told; media was sensationalizing violence as individual events, and not overtly connected to a singular purpose, which made revolutionary causes perhaps less obvious. It’s ironic to me because the RAF was considered to be a terrorist group, and yet The Baader-Meinhof Complex movie sensationalized the acts of these terrorists, making them appear to have a noble cause/they were the victims, and yet emphasizes the German media’s sensationalization at the time of the terrorism.

?- Meinhof supported democratic ideals for students, saying that if the only way for them to express their opinion was on the streets, then they should utilize that. But isn’t inflicting violence and punishing those with opposing ideals the opposite of democratic? What is Meinhof’s working definition of democracy?

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