Unit 8 Assignment 2

I don’t think Richter’s paintings represent Ulrike Meinhof’s life and experience. The entire October series depicts Meinhof in death, save for the Youth Portrait of her. Through Richter’s paintings, it appears that her contribution to the revolution was merely through her death. Reality, then, is severely skewed in the series, because the reality is that she contributed much more than just her death. But maybe Richter meant to evoke this disorientation; through the blurry nature of his paintings, Richter evokes a sense of confusion and despair, frustration towards the sensationalization, perhaps, of Meinhof as a martyr or a victim. With the photographic aspect, Richter in each of his paintings presents a consistent reminder of what it is exactly we must remember, and by blurring the paintings he challenges the face reality of the painting for the viewer.

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