Unit 8 Post 1 Elizabeth Vair

Lost Honor of Katharina Blum

? Why does Katharina feel so attracted to the terrorist and why does she go through such lengths to protect him?

! Their reunion at the end makes it appear as though they have been much closer than just one night!

Baader-Meinhof Komplex

! There was a large number of the country’s population that was sympathetic to the RAF!

? What led Meinhof’s change from not wanting to leave her children to later wanting to involve them in suicide bombings?

Ulrike Meinhof readings

“New German Show”

! Fighting for peace was seen as a violation!

? Would prevention have created a better reality, or would it fuel a different version of the witch hunts and controlled papers?

“Hitler Within You”

! It was seen by some as out of place for the younger generation to involve themselves in the history of Germany’s fascism!

? Is the younger generation equally guilty if they do not question the older generation’s involvement?

“Women in the SDS: Acting on Their Own Behalf”

! Tomatoes and eggs are useful in drawing public attention and can become symbolic of a movement!

? Why did the journalist not realize the oppression facing all women was also facing his wife? Is it deniability of his own actions?

“From Protest to Resistance”

! The escalation from protest to resistance, and then from resistance to violent resistance was expected but still heavily impacted the people.

? How can violent resistance be productive if the damage is easily replaced? Would the other side need to be willing to change for anything productive to happen or is it solely relying on public pressure?

“Human Dignity is Violable”

! War was written as not being an option for the twentieth century!

?How was the Constitution not based on a perfectionists world view? Is that not what it aims to achieve even if it is for just one country?

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