over winter break . . . portfolio feedback assignment

Sometime after December 19 and before January 9, have someone not from Davidson test out your portfolio. This could be a family member or a friend. Or someone you’d like to meet for coffee and need an excuse to invite. Or a high school teacher you’d like to get in touch with (especially useful I expect!). Or whoever. But someone who can take some quality time to explore your work and give you some responses about your portfolio.

Give them the link to your portfolio and ask them to explore your portfolio for as long as they would like and THEN fill out this brief feedback form. When they’re done, meet and talk with them about the experience (in person or on video or phone).

You’ll all have access to the form response from your reader.

Then make a few notes in your red notebook, probably also a to-do list, and, finally, write a sentence or two about one thing you’re going to change because of the feedback you got from your reader. Put that here.