paper 2 peer review guidelines

Here are the peer review guidelines for these second drafts. This should yield much better peer reviews for paper 2, draft 2. (Thanks to the fellows for pondering this with me in class last week.)

Goes like this.  In each group of 10 papers about one topic, every student reads two papers and responds with written notes based on a simple rubric (see that below and attached).

The papers come in a bundle, all together, no names, just labels “Arendt 1, Arendt 2,” etc. Everyone in the topic group has all those papers at hand. You read like this. If your paper is Arendt 1, then you read papers Arendt 2 and 3. Etc.

Arendt 1 1 reads 2 1 reads 3
Arendt 2 2 reads 3 2 reads 4
Arendt 3 3 reads 4 3 reads 5
Arendt 4 4 reads 5 4 reads 6
Arendt 5 5 reads 6 5 reads 7
Arendt 6 6 reads 7 6 reads 8
Arendt 7 7 reads 8 7 reads 9
Arendt 8 8 reads 9 8 reads 10
Arendt 9 9 reads 10 9 reads 1
Arendt 10 10 reads 1 10 reads 2

As author of one of the anonymized papers, you have to look through the bundle to find your own paper. Then you can use the chart above to see which two papers you need to read. I’ve hidden the draft 1 and draft 2 folders for now.

Those paper bundles are here:

(A few of you are under the weather, so there will be a few missing reviewers and reviewees. If your paper is late, send it to me directly. I will send your paper number, so you know who to review, if you’re able. Fellows will fill in those blanks where possible.)

Do your two reviews on the google form here

I will bundle all 20 of those for each topic group in a single pdf for the final revision due Friday. Everything remains anonymous. Blind peer review! But at the same time, you will all be able to see all the reviews. Those will all be up in the dropbox after Monday night.

I think this will be helpful for you. I’m hoping you will be better peer reviewers this time because you can see all the other papers; because you don’t know who you are reviewing so you can be more candid and direct (I hope); and because you know the topic well yourselves. You should spend no more than one hour per paper review.

You need to have your two reviews done and emailed to me by Monday night at 10pm.

Required one-on-one fellows meetings have to happen Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Final version of paper 2 due Friday, as usual. Faculty assessment meetings week after that any time.