practice portfolio guidelines for December


Put the link to your portfolio here by December 4.

Your December practice portfolios are due on Tuesday December 11.

Those are on the web, in a sub-domain in your Davidson domain, and contain examples of your best work from the semester.

Your December practice portfolios will include seven different sections of your written and creative work, in any order you design:

  1. your working description (definition?) of revolution; this must include references to examples in Lapham as well as to our texts and artifacts thus far; stay with the examples from the course only!
  2. your working description (definition?) of the humanities and the Humanities (ditto)
  3. a polished revision of one of the fall projects
  4. something new: creative writing of any sort or an essay — something expository, creative, original, perhaps an extension of a post or an argument or discussion, perhaps another version of one of the projects you wanted to get to, perhaps a response to the course or events on campus or a response to a reading, or … )
  5. something new: review (a review or discussion of something you have seen or read or heard or visited: a lecture, performance, curated space, museum, something from sapere aude or Cowpens or the service odyssey)
  6. something new: non-textual artifact (something non-textual: an image, music, soundscape, video, performance); or a description of what your non-textual something new might be
  7. an “about” page which provides a place of orientation and guidance for your readers and in which you may choose to explain something about your place in the course and your ideas about your portfolio.

All of which focus in some ways on the themes in the course thus far. Some of these will be more substantial than others, some quite sketchy and brief, some no doubt beautiful and polished and something you will bring in to the final portfolio in the spring.

The fellows are your main source of advice and help on making your domain and subdomain and on how to fill that subdomain with your beautiful work.


Daniel Lynds, the instructional designer who visited on our first day, put together this list of final portfolios from last year to show some aspects of Humesters’ work he felt was especially noteworthy, interesting, creative, or effective (or not). Have a look.

Begin thinking about the “something new: review” piece as you go to events on campus. Bring your red notebook and make some notes and begin working on a review of a talk, performance, show, sculpture, space, whatever it is.

Some easy examples are The Book of Will, The American Library, the Shonibare paintings, the examples of artworks from the States of Emergency exhibition, orchestra or chorale performances . . .

Start saving those notes and essay drafts and ideas and begin polishing them for your portfolio.