Project 5 assignment

Project 5 has three parts, which you’ve heard about already, in the Washington study trip reader. These run parallel to the Sunday posts and the assigned artist assignment, so you’ll be doing all these things at the same time. (Which is great practice for the research paper, coming up, when you’ll also be working on your paper while also working through the next units.)

Week 1 (do this now, this weekend, since you’ve gotten your portraits already)

Post a photo of your selected portrait with a Chicago-style citation. (Citation details here.)

What aspects of the portrait are you curious about? List three potential aspects.

Remember to tag your section teacher under categories on the right.

Make sure you have this done and ready before the AT sections Jan 22-23.

Week 2 Prompt due Sunday 1/27 5:00pm

Find at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed secondary sources that help you learn about one aspect of the portrait about which you are curious. For what you learn from reading them, formulate a research question. List these three sources (Chicago-style), include a one sentence summary annotation about what each source says, and post them on your blog, along with your one-paragraph research question. This exercise is sometimes referred to in writing pedagogy as “they say”; the next step being “I say.” Once you have a sense of what the scholarly conversation is about–what “they say”–then you can begin to formulate a contribution of your own–your “I say.” Your research question in this project is what would lead through your argument in a fully developed research paper.

Put this as LastnameFirstnameProject5draft.docx or .pdf in the project 5 drafts folder.

Week 3 — revisions

During the one-on-one writing sessions with the Humes Fellows and faculty the week of Jan 28, you will revise your one-sentence annotations and, mainly, your research question until it is a thing of beauty.

Imagine you were taking this research project to completion. What is still missing from your research? Add a new paragraph to your project with this new “to-do” or “what’s next” section.

So the final project, due on Friday Feb 1 at 5:00 pm contains these elements:
1. the photograph of the portrait you have chosen to research;
2. the citation of the portrait;
3. three aspects of the portrait you are curious about; 3-4 lines describing each;
4. citations and one-sentence annotations of three peer-reviewed scholarly secondary sources that help you understand one of those three curious aspects of the portrait;
5. a research question about an aspect of your portrait based on the scholarly sources you read (worked on with the fellows and librarians and then reviewed and discussed with your fellows and faculty);
6. a final paragraph or two in which you explain what you would do next, what left to do, what is still missing, what you would do next to bring a paper in which you go about answering your research question.

And put this as LastnameFirstnameProject5final.docx or .pdf in the project 5 final folder.