Ian Rolls – Post 3

In the conclusion of Tony Morrison’s Black Matters, Morrison offers a really interesting perspective on freedom and how the creation of freedom was only possible with an idea of slavery. In order to understand freedom, people must be able to experience a lack of freedom to know what it means. Because people could point to slavery as an example of not being free, freedom could be actualized. I find this really interesting because as the ideals of America were drawn off the wrongdoings that people saw in life. The migration to the new world, as Morrison explains, was to escape the tragedies of the old world and to start a new, better life. Despite the values that America was founded on, however, the same wrongdoings that people sought to escape were subjected to slaves. I found this very thought provoking, and I was also disturbed at the blatant hypocrisy of freedom. This reminded me of the problem with Thomas Jefferson in which we need to understand how he could be so hypocritical as a slave owner and the author of the Declaration of Independence. How was it that slavery could exist in a world built on escaping from hardship?

Authors: Morrison, Spivak, Marx

  1. What makes humans different from animals?
  2. How should we attempt to educate people about race/class/gender relations?
  3. How should we examine history?

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