Laura Bullock

The best way to discourage bullshitting is to expose the harmful effects of bullshitting. If we could open peoples eyes to the truth and display how ignorance to the truth has been so harmful, I think bullshitting would decrease. Bullshitters have hidden away and distracted from true issues for far too long. This leaves problems unsolved and followers of bullshitters up in arms over inconsequential phenomena. Hopefully, the dispersing of truth could reduce this ignorance. The difficulty is that many bullshitters hod lots of power and many of the ignorant are willfully ignorant. For these reasons diminishing bullshit will take lots of time and effort but it is a needed cultural shift. 

The biggest question this unit brings to mind for me is how we can become aware of our own perceptual sets and differentiate truth from bias. It is clear prior convictions impact the way we take in information, but is there any way to notice when this is happening? Are perceptual sets so ingrained and subconscious that they are impossible to escape or can biased be rooted out. It seems possible to reduce a way of thinking by correcting one thought based on preconceived notions to a new one based on the current situation, bit this would then build a new scheme around the new scenario meaning everything is seen through a lens of preconceived notions no matter how hard one tried to see things as they are.

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