Monaco-Vavrik Unit 2 post 3; 10-6-19

Option 2:

I think the best way to make people care about truth when communicating with others or delivering a message is to emphasize accountability. To make people care about when they personally speak, they have to have an audience that cares about the truth and will make them stay central to the point and honest. In order for this to happen, the masses need to care about the truth. To craft this, people have to adopt dedication to the truth as a moral responsibility. A possible way to create this degree of severity would be to make people aware of the consequences of falsehoods. These consequences can vary, but have the ability to gradually degrade the fabric of transparency and trust within a society.

Option 3:

In Frankfurt’s piece on bullshit, I found his ultimate conclusion that sincerity itself is bullshit, confusing. If sincerity is bullshit based on the idea that we don’t know ourselves completely and don’t know others because we “respond only in response to other things”, does that really mean no one can be genuine? I found this puzzling because he is saying that there is no way to know oneself because we can’t know everyone else. It seems far-fetched to claim that nobody knows themselves, or that we need knowledge of everyone else in order to be sincere. I believe sincerity is about intention, so I’m not sure what his expectation of the human capacity for knowledge is.

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