Olivia Harper Unit 2 Post 2

Prompt 2

A concept that really stood out to me in Thursday’s lecture was the ambiguity of translation.  Should translators focus on the literal equivalents of words or on the meaning behind them? The translator adds to the text in their own way, applying their own interpretations of the text.  Jorge Luis Borges touches on this in Ficciones stating, “There are famous poems made up of one enormous word, a word which in truth forms a poetic object, the creation of the writer” (24).  Just as the writer creates their own “object” through one enormous word, the translator chooses theirs to create an entity that is their own.  The reader sees the intent of the original author through the lens of the translator’s intent, then applies their own experiences to it. In this way, language and translation are living, breathing elements that take many different forms.

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