Passport Workshop- Erica Harris

For the passport workshop, I drew stateless and received a story about a woman with her two children. She was a Norwegian citizen and lived in India with her children, but her children were stateless because she was a surrogate mother and not considered their biological family. Citizenship is based on either blood or soil, and each country recognizes one or both. India and Norway had different regulations, so the children were not considered citizens of either country. This workshop not only talked about citizenship, but it also discussed what it means not to have a citizenship as well as how this happens. We discussed what it means to be a citizen, and each of us had a different answer. However, Tintin Wulia mentioned how it is similar to a membership. Citizenship is just a membership to the country, and it depends on where you were born and who your family is. Sometimes when countries have different regulations, a person is not able to receive citizenship because they do not fall into the category of blood or soil. I really enjoyed this workshop because it not only discussed citizenship but also how there are a variety of reasons why someone may be stateless. 

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