Prescott Breitling, Unit 2 Assignment 3

Option 2: The way to reduce bullshit in public discourse is for everyone to prioritize what is right over what they want. People who bullshit do not care about what is right, they care about fooling people into getting what they want. One must always be vigilant and know who is on the other end of information that is being presented. Why is the informer giving this information? What could they gain by trying to get someone to believe it? Vigilance and the will to think critically and reflectively about the information that one is consuming is one of the most important ways to stop bullshit. 

Option 3: My question is one of existential dread honestly. If all truth is subjective and we determine what our reality is, how can I really know what the truth is? If one person sees the duck and one person sees the rabbit, who is right? What if I see both? How can I know what reality is? Does it really matter? I left the discussion group Thursday with these questions in my head and it really bothered me. Can I go on enjoying my life without knowing what the truth is? Is there truth? Or is the search for truth more important than what it actually is? Maybe we should just live life constantly searching for the truth rather than claiming to actually know it. 

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