Reem Fakhoury – Unit 2 – Post 3

What is the best way to reduce the amount of bullshit?

I actually have a question in regards to the question. Is there even a way? The world is such a complex way with so many different opinions and people I don’t actually know if this is a possibility. And if there is there is so much complexity in the ability to do this. Everyone has their own push, something that makes them want to do something. Therefore, in order to do this, it would not be universal. Everyone would have to pin point everyone else motivation, something they care about and use this to explain why the presence of bullshit is so terrible.

With this being said, are we going to be able to do this? Pin point every person’s motivation, and explain it all?

Unit 2 Question

My question is based upon the idea of translation, as this part of the unit resonated with me very personally. I am curious of you’re opinion on the ability to have a universal translation for things. Would we ever be able to do this, because doesn’t this mean that we would have to learn as humans top completely separate our personal beefs and perspectives within language. Is this realistic?

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