Unit 1 Assignment 3 Cathy Diop – Felon Disenfranchisement

Davis’s article on racism in the neoliberal environment that we live in today was really interesting to me because Davis made a connection that I had never thought about before. In our country, we have high rates of incarceration and the rates are even higher when you look at specific groups like blacks or Latinos. I already knew that this was a problem and I realized that it stemmed from institutional racism and discrimination but I had never connected it back to the post-antebellum tactics of voter suppression. The notion that specific laws have been made targeting crimes often committed by blacks so that they would lose their right to vote is something that shouldn’t surprise me but it did. There are millions of people who are having the 14th and 15th amendment rights taken away from them.

Panel: Chiminanda, Spivak, and Davis

Does the stereotypical image of a black man as inferior propagate the high incarceration of black men?

What are the single perceptions present in neoliberal institutions and how do we combat them?

Philosophers of the past like Locke argued that freedom does not equal equality. How much value does this idea hold in our more modern world and will there ever be a way in which freedom can equal equality?

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