Unit 2 Assignment 2- Jamie Aciukewicz

Translation has an interesting place in the modern world. Most of the works we have read thus far have been translations, although if I am being completely honest, I never thought about the readings in such a way. I took it for granted that I was able to read and understand the texts, not stopping to think about the original versions. This realization leads me to a question; should the translator set out with a goal of remaining unnoticed or should they change the text enough so that their work is more appreciated? If they are not part of the picture or what you think about as you read, is that a victory or a failure?

As seen in the faculty panel on Thursday, translation is a very difficult task and much time is spent evaluating each word, trying to find the perfect fit. I think for me personally, as selfish as it might be, I would want more credit for my hard work. I would hope to remain undetected, in the sense that the reader does not necessarily know they are working with a translation, but I, and thus my work, would want to be talked about in the conversation about the reading. I think it would be a great victory to have someone read your translated work and not know it differs from the original. But after reading, I hope the reader celebrates the translator and their work.  

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