Unit 2 assignment 3 Cathy Diop

Option 2:

When it comes to getting people to care about the truth so that they don’t bullshit, I think it’s really hard to do. The people who choose to be ignorant of the truth are making a choice not to be informed. If they are ignorant of the truth due to a different conviction they hold I sincerely do not believe you can make them care about the truth if the truth doesn’t fit into their conceptual scheme. However, I feel that in general the more education we receive throughout life the more we will value the truth. Education in the formal academic sense but also education of the different perspectives that different people in the world have. This type of education will at least make people more open and a bit more thoughtful. I think we really can’t make people care about the truth, we live in a world and in a society where bullshit is constant. For some individuals, they’d rather live in the bullshit then open their eyes to the truth and those people can’t be made to care about the truth. The desire for truth is a personal one that has to do with one’s own growth and it’s something that we each must come to on our own.

Option 3:

This unit has really led to so many great questions but the question that I keep going back to is what do we know as truth? We read various texts throughout the unit that said different things about the truth. Is it that different truths exist in different paradigms? Are we only able to know baby t truths and not adult T truths? Does an adult T truth exist? The concept of truth is always one that has made me wonder do we live in a simulation and does anything matter. This unit did not provide me clarity on truth but I don’t actually think it can. I feel that sometimes it’s okay to just be confused and I believe that throughout my life my understanding of what is truth will evolve. I guess I’m asking this question then not for an absolute answer but to educate myself through different multiple perspectives so that I can better reflect upon what is my truth.

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