Unit 3 Assignment 1: Aimee Duran

Research Hannah Arendt’s concept “Banality of Evil” and her book The Origins of Totalitarianism and facts about Adolf Eichmann (even in Wikipedia) as much as you can. List the facts you found in short bullet points. For each of your points include a citation or link to the source of facts.


  • There can be evil done without intending to do evil
  • Eichmann “acted without any motive other than to diligently advance his career in the Nazi bureaucracy”
  • Eichmann may lack the inherent human quality which is the capacity for thought


  • Eichmann claimed to be doing the duties assigned to him and being obedient
  • He seemed proud of doing what he did despite him not meaning to do such things
  • “He repeatedly devised innovative solutions to overcome obstacles” 
  • Eichmann was “doing the right thing” by being obedient, yet he still committed such crimes and had no shame regarding his actions


  • The primary purpose of the book is to understand what totalitarianism is and it is defined through the imagery of the concentration camps that Arendt depicts in her book
  • We are living in dark times as well, maybe not as dark, but there is still something that negatively impacts our society today
  • Purpose is to identify the origins of totalitarianism, not the causes
  • Arendt emphasizes the point that “many “bads” long taken for granted can come together to generate a maelstrom of evil and horror foreseen by no one,” which can occur and not even the main people of the plot may expect what is coming

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