Unit 3 Assignment 3: Aimee Duran

Both Gourevitch and Sontag express the way media is used during times of war. In Gourevitch’s reading he emphasizes the idea that those that do not personally go through the suffering of others will never understand what they are truly feeling. When he mentions, on page 152, the purpose of the museum that was created to honor people, it mentions that it is now a shrine that future victims may be honored in. The horrible events that occur in the world, such as this genocide, are not being taken seriously by those that have the opportunity to go and learn about it. Similarly, Sontag mentions how the photographs that are taken are looked at for a moment, but nothing is done about the event. They are looked at one minute, but the next they are forgotten about. There may be empathy, but it happens only in the moment that one is looking at such evidence of the genocide. The United States did not take action to protect those that faced the genocide, even after having a museum open for those that were involved in WWII. Those that “did” something for the people in Rwanda made space for those that were dead and highlighted what was going on by portraying the deceased rather than going to those that were still alive and helping them escape what they were facing. Both Gourevitch and Sontag noticed the injustices that were being committed with those that suffered in the genocide.

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