Unit 3 Assignment 3-Angelo Dean

Connection between Gourevitch and Sontag

Sontag and Gourevitch are connected in the way that they comment on those who do not face violence directly, yet view photographs and hear news and attempt, if not pretend to feel empathy. In the Gourevitch reading, the example of the United States’ involvement or lack thereof in the Rwanda Genocide, knowing all of the information and being obligated to intervene based on the Genocide Convention of 1946. Their excuse was in naming it a genocide, because at the recognition, they would be forced to intervene. Sontag brings up the point of censorship of the photography during war times when it comes to issues of the home team. Any war-time photographs taken of American soldiers are done so as to not show the visage, however, any exotic photographs of war explicitly show the faces of the damned. Both situations presented are examples of how there is an explicit distancing from the violence of war, which in a sense makes it impossible for the viewer at home to sympathize, let alone empathize with the gruesome images that they are presented.

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