Unit 3 Passport Assignment: Aimee Duran

Image of a Salvadorian Passport. It includes a portion of the map of Central America, focusing on El Salvador.
This image gives a brief description of the ban of abortion for women in El Salvador. This country has a high rate of gender-based violence.

The making of the passport was a very interesting activity. While creating my passport from El Salvador, I was able to hear about people that were declared as stateless. After listening to the stories, I come to understand that stateless people have gotten their right to citizenship taken away. Passports serve as proof of citizenship and identity. However there are passports that have more freedoms than others. For example, El Salvador has access to 120 countries, which means it is ranked 39th in having travel freedoms. There are passports that restrict its citizens from traveling to certain countries. I never thought that such thing existed, I always thought that as long as a person had a passport, they could travel anywhere that they wanted. This all goes back to having borders that surround a country. I personally believe that countries should not have borders and that anyone should have the freedom to travel to any place that they desire to go to. This activity struck interest in the systems that governments set up for their people.

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