Unit 3 Passport Assignment Elizabeth Vair

In the passport workshop, my table discussed the implications of statelessness. While I drew a passport from Somalia, which was ranked 87th in a passport power index – the second-lowest score – I was more concerned with statelessness. Even though my passport held almost no power, and I was from a country that was difficult to leave as borders and camps were being closed – I still had an identity. I had paperwork I could provide to other organizations or countries, yet the individual at our table who had drawn stateless had no identification. There was little to no way they could acquire any form of government paperwork from any government as their visa was expired and they had no paperwork from their country of birth to renew it or apply for other stays or jobs. Despite the fact that this was not their fault, there was nothing that could be done, and people often judge an individual for this situation without keeping in mind the harsh realities that come with an unfair government. One must always keep in mind the privilege they have that comes with their place of birth, and keep this in mind before judging others for not having the same privilege.

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