Unit 4 Assignment 2- Erica Harris

Pages 172-173 are from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech during the March on Washington. The speech was the last one, and it occurred after John Lewis’ in the comic. The image is the only one in the section that spans over two pages, and certain words are in bold and underlined. 

Martin Luther King Jr. is surrounded by what seems like a halo of light. This and the top-left hand corner are the only places in the image that are light. This speech is the only one highlighted like this, and the words that are underlined create a sense of hope for the future. The comic focused on nonviolence even in the face of violence, and this speech shows how nonviolence and words can be powerful too. The words were “like arrows” creating a “climatic refrain the world would never forget” (172). These lines describe the speech perfectly because they touched many people even now. The words on the second page are all in bold highlighting the main points of the speech of love and a better country. 

I chose this image because it stood out when I was reading this section. Love and dream are highlighted adding to the message of nonviolence. It describes how religion and hope for the future were the main bases for the nonviolence movement. Throughout the comic, there is so much violence they face. Even with all the violence, they stand firm in their belief of nonviolence. This page not only conveys hope, but it shows how many people it touched and how impactful the speech was. It is not always possible to stay nonviolent, and sometimes it may not be the best way as a response. However, they stood firm in their belief that love and a dream may help create a better and more equal America even when it may not happen. 

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