Unit 4 Post 1: Aimee Duran

Although Ida B. Wells and Mary Church Terrell discuss different types of violence, both are developing the idea that violence exists in a variety of ways. Wells’ violence is physical violence where colored people suffered lynchings and hangings due to false accusations that white women made against them. These were common throughout the South, but the North had lynchings as well, so the North was no better than the South. Terrell, on the other hand, talks about the social violence in Washington DC. The discrimination against colored people in the capital affects the way that colored people get to interact in a city that is trying to bring justice to all races. Both authors may be talking about different types of violence, yet both impact the community of colored people. They share backgrounds in that they are both colored women and they have a past filled with violence that their ancestors had to go through. Both are proposing their responses to what has happened in the nation and give context as to reasons why colored people went through such injustices.

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