Unit 4 Post 2: Aimee Duran

March Book 2, Page 170

On page 170, the authors of March 2 depict the march that they took to Washington DC. They chose to break down the speech into multiple speech bubbles to highlight the importance of every part that he mentioned in his speech. Thousands of people joined them that day to fight for segregation in the South. This image illustrates John Lewis delivering his speech and the thousands of people listening to every word that he says. There are both black people and white people attending the march. John Lewis is talking about how patient colored people have been in obtaining their rights and freedom. 

Ever since Africans were brought to the Americas, the struggle to be seen as human and treated human like white people has existed. John Lewis makes this emphasis when he puts in more emotion to the words such as “Freedom” and “Revolution.” People of color have been patient enough waiting for the day that they will truly acquire freedom. This panel stuck to me because although there is no division of where white people and colored people are allowed in, in today’s society, there are still racial issues that have maintained throughout history. Colored people have not acquired total freedom in a country that promises freedom to all. There are issues in our society that are continuous, such as police brutality and mass incarceration being some of the bigger issues. Despite the many protests and marches, there still exists the lack of equality among the nation and at times it seems impossible to reach equality for all. 

This book puts a huge emphasis on the patient that was given to the government to make changes and end segregation. The speeches that were made throughout the novel do not cover everything that they have faced, but they do show the progress that they made when they all came together.

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