Unit 4 post

The panels I chose depicts the march for “Operation Open City” that calls for fair employment. The reason I chose this panel is because it offers a different perspective of the story. Instead of the opposition between the black and white, this time there is conflict within the white population. If the white and black communities were incommensurable in the beginning, if the situation was truly of “ballot or bullet,” one or the other, the sense of understanding that is achieving here through the peaceful marches are revolutionary.

The frames in which a white supporter got sprayed with black paint particularly caught my eyes. The body, or the skin color marks a sign of difference, or epidermalization of inferiority. This is a process of alienation and dehumanization, because such harassment takes away the body of the men and only left the skin behind. It was also worth pondering how on this page, only the last two panels have black background that matches the color of the spray. The contrast between the dark skin and background and the color of the eyes gives me a sense of anger, but also firmness, which matches the words in the bottom “I deeply believe that our discipline paved the road to our success,” as if the belief is so deep and firm that it is not necessary to put it under the spotlight. The man’s reply is also a seemingly subtle, “thank you.” For me, it is precisely this subtle reply that is so strong a silent and peaceful protest that the thugs would have nothing to reply, and that is power. Instead of “dramatizing the situation” like the non-violent protest lead by Gandhi, I felt like this reply takes away the drama, but put forward the toughness, tenacity and power that forces the whites to stop their thoughtlessness.

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