Unit Four Assignment One

By: Caison Gray

Both Wells and Terrell are black female activists from the late 19th century. Terrell’s writing focuses on the violence of exclusions, describing how black women in Washington are excluded from necessary life resources. These stabling life resources included shelter, goods, jobs, and overall general equality. The extent of the discrimination Terrell wrote about of black women created an unstoppable disadvantage. Wells wrote about the violence of lynching, which was a form of mob violence against black people. Wells described lynching as an “unwritten law” that was a part of United States society. When there was any conflict between black and white people, lynching dictated the black person would be killed. There was no option of a trial or any form of fair consideration. The violence of lynching took away the safety, freedom, and lives of black people in the United States. Both of the forms of violence were results of the racial prejudice that exists in the United States. The long-standing idea that white people are superior to black people has caused there to be unjust treatment of black people that exists today. Terrell offered the solution, to black people, of rising up and do their absolute best to prosper in society. Black progress was how Terrell believed the violence could be solved. Wells focused more on the deconstruction of the oppressive system by fighting lynching in every possible way.

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