Unit Three Passport Assignment

By: Caison Gray

Initially, when I heard about this project, I was excited to participate. I wanted to see exactly what it meant to become a new citizen of a country. Arriving at Union, I drew my new country out of a jar and became the newest citizen of Spain. Initially, I believed that I would learn more about my new country, including their immigration customs and culture. Unfortunately, the information I was given did not go in as much detail as I wanted. However, I was still able to enjoy the amount of information I was given and going through the fun process of creating my passport. As I was creating my passport, I realized some of my peers around me had pulled the title of “stateless” out of the jar. Seeing that the possibility of not having a citizenship made me appreciate mine even more. Having a national identity that is recognized is a privilege, one that I did not understand, until this activity, that some people do not have. Overall, I enjoyed the concept and process of this activity but wish I had received more in depth information on my specific country.

My Spain Passport
Me excited to be a new
citizen of Spain 🙂

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