Aliza Cantor Unit 3 Passport Assignment

The country I was randomly assigned to was Thailand. On the first page of my passport there was a little background about the unjust ways of the government. People (activists, journalists, politicians, etc) were arrested for peacefully protesting Thailand’s government and monarchy. The government took away many of their people’s basic human rights, such as: freedom of expression or peaceful assembly and association. By doing so, the government silenced the people, forcing them to live in fear, not advocating for what they were previously promised. Although my country’s government was a bit of a mess, the stories of the stateless people sitting next to me were much more difficult. Prior to this event, I did not have much knowledge of what a stateless person was. However, as I was sitting, coloring in my passport, with a very nice gold pen, people at my table were explaining the stateless story they were assigned. One stateless person at my table was born and raised in Kuwait territory but part of the Bedoon tribe. When Kuwait became a country, her family did not realize citizenship status was important until it became difficult to receive. She and her family had no rights in Kuwait and were stateless there. She described how humiliating and challenging it was to grow up stateless. On her travel documentation, under nationality, it read “non identified.” She used this documentation to travel to the USA to get a degree. After arriving, her visa expired in Kuwait and the government refused to renew it. She can no longer travel back to Kuwait and her family is undocumented, leaving them with no idea when they will see eachother again.

Thailand Government background Information inside of Passport
Front of my Passport

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