Aliza Cantor Unit 4 Assignment 1

Ida B. Wells and Mary Church Terrell were both extremely influential as they advocated for equality as black women. Although they covered the same topics broadly, they chose to focus in on separate, more specific ones, not to say they did not dip their toe into other ponds as times. Wells’ focus was on racism in the deep South, specifically on the unjust lynchings that were too often overlooked by the law.  Wells was faced with frequent threats and quite a lot of violence however she did not stop reporting. After reporting on a lynching that was brought on because a black mans business was competition of a white mans, Wells was forced to move to Chicago, for her own safety. This, however, did not stop her from reporting on the violence that surrounded the lynchings in the South. 

Terrell focused on a similar topic of racial violence however on the basis of the notion of racial uplift, which is the belief that black people would help end racial discrimination. Her words, “Lifting as we climb” was the motto for the National Association of Colored Women, a group she helped found. The motto was in reference to creating equal opportunities for the race. By doing so, individuals would be able to succeed, and as they succeeded, the whole race would be lifted. Later she put more of her focus on the discrimination that specifically black women faced, after realizing that they (which included herself) had to overcome two of the hardest obstacles in the United States.

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