Aliza Cantor Unit 4 Assignment 2

In the image above, the way it is formated allows for the severity of the event to be more clearly understood. It is hard to fathom a child beating a grown adult, and it is even harder to imagine a mother supporting a child beating anyone. If I had just read this scene with no images, I would be shocked that the mother supported the boy beating someone up, but the image allows for me to comprehend the severity of the situation. In one text box a hand is almost grabbing at the reader, it feels as though it is reach for someone. And the face of the boy that the hand belongs to is even more terrifying. Although the boys face is smiling, his eyes look pure evil. He has one eyebrow slightly arched, allowing for the eye below it to be shaded just slightly with a slight glimmer. The glimmer is what is most terrifying about this panel. Typically when people describe others with a glimer, it is in reference to hope or happiness. In this case it may still have to do with happiness, and that is disturbing that such a young boy has hope for an unjust thing.

The words are not crisp, they are kid of squiggly with a hint of hand-written. This casual font allows for these text bubbles to have a different tone than a lot of the other text in the novel. A lot of the text in the novel is bold and in all capital letters, allowing for the tone of these bubbles to be different than the squiggly hand-written bubbles. The tone that these bubbles read is more violent and urgent, with mal-intent as a goal. I found it interesting that the text in these bubbles were lower case. Typically, in my eyes, I see all caps as excited or angry or urgent, a message with a lot of emotions. All lower case letters convey a calmer tone, something that can still have emotion but is not so urgent. 

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